Initial consultation with a lawyer 

Initial legal advice can be obtained in a number of ways. 

In addition to a meeting in our office, you can explain your legal problem to us by telephone or by e-mail. The initial consultation includes a legally sound assessment of your legal issue. 

Please allow us to point out that the better you prepare for the initial meeting, the more intensive the initial consultation can be. However, an evaluation of the documents pertaining to the facts of the case is not part of the initial consultation.

What the initial consultation includes:

  1. Contact us by phone or mail
  2. Personal conversation with one of our lawyers
  3. Informative legal information on your legal issue
  4. Coordination of the further procedure
  5. Cost for you: 226,10 EUR

Consulting mandate

If your legal matter is more complex, it is not enough to deal with it in an initial consultation. In more complex cases, a more comprehensive understanding of the matter is required, including a review of the documents pertaining to the matter. Sometimes it happens that documents have to be obtained with the help of one of our lawyers.

The costs for a consulting mandate are calculated at an hourly rate of 270 EUR/hour.

What a consulting mandate includes:

  1. Comprehensive processing of the facts 
  2. Procurement of documents, review and evaluation
  3. Legal advice taking into account economic aspects as well as efficiency and effectiveness
  4. Personal support by one of our lawyers 
  5. Costs: 270 EUR per hour 

Representation mandate

Typically, a representation mandate is billed according to the German Lawyers’ Fees Act (RGV). The fee calculation according to the FMO is based on the amount in dispute or the value of the matter in dispute. This means the financial interest of the client for the clarification of the legal issue. Depending on the activity, there are different billing models according to the FMO. In the case of extrajudicial activity, the lawyer earns a business fee according to the FMO. In case of judicial activity, on the other hand, the lawyer can charge a procedural fee and a deadline fee. If a settlement is reached between the parties, a settlement fee is also incurred. 

Our law firm regularly settles accounts according to this model for out-of-court and in-court representations. 

Another possibility is to bill the representation mandate on an hourly basis or on a lump-sum basis. Hourly billing is regularly used for more complex and extensive legal matters. The prerequisite for a lump-sum agreement is that the lawyer’s workload can be estimated from the outset. 

In individual cases, we also offer framework agreements as well as attorney representation on a contingency fee basis. It is best to simply contact us about this.