Dr. Corinna-Rosa Falkenberg, LL.M. (Sorbonne)

„I believe that you can be great in various things. As the same skill set is often required to manage challenging situation, tasks or situation, it is more a question of analysis, adoption and implementation of your knowledge put in another framework.“

Since 2006 I have been working as a lawyer and founding partner of the law firm “Dr. Falkenberg & Kollegen” in the heart of Munich. I take great pleasure in advising domestic and foreign clients on strategic and legal issues. I am just as happy to advise private individuals on other legal issues such as author contracts, insurance issues or claims for compensation for pain and suffering.

I passed my two state examinations at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich with honor and wrote my doctoral thesis in the field of international environmental law in London and New York with sincere interest. I rounded off my legal education with a Master of Law from the University Panthéon-Sorbonne in Paris.

I worked as an in-house consultant for multinational organizations such as the United Nations (UN) in New York as well as UNESCO in Paris. Even before that, I completed one of my legal clerkships with an NGO in Australia that continues to advocate for Aboriginal minority rights to this day. Justice and an orientation towards ethical values play a major role for me. I don’t always succeed in this either, but I do my best.

I have a strong business background and more than a decade of experience as an M&A project manager with an international focus. My daily issues do not only deal with the implementation of business projects in countries such as the USA, Algeria, Russia, Denmark or even Italy and Spain, which sometimes have a business volume of several seven-digit Euro amounts. Rather, strategic, networked and holistic thinking with creative and innovative approaches, leading specialist teams (due diligence, business plan, etc.) as well as analytical decision-making also play an essential role in my day-to-day work. 

Prior to my M&A activities, I worked for an international bank in investment banking with a focus on derivatives trading in Eastern Europe and subsequently for a US financial fund. 

In addition to my legal training as a fully qualified lawyer, I have a degree in political science, enjoy studying psychology and philosophy and am always keen to learn new things to keep my thinking as supple as possible.

More than a decade ago, I also founded the non-profit association Stella Bildung Bewegt e.V. In addition, I like to be active in sports in nature and devote myself to my art.  

I am already looking forward to hearing from you!

Best regards, Corinna-Rosa Falkenberg

More info / English:

Currently advising: Large corporation in the mobility sector (including smart cities/Mobility 4.0), digital transformation process, business developer, and strategic partnership creator.

Prior Experience: 

  • 8+ years of cross-border M&A experience as Project Business Lead:
    • Supporting digital transformation in an international corporation
    • Focus on sustainable energy projects in solar, gas, water
    • Project execution in Russia, Algeria, Morocco, Italy, Denmark, Spain, others
  • 2+ years co-fund management for a private investment fund with US assets
  • 2+ years investment banking for an international bank with focus on Eastern Europe
  • 1+ years business development and strategy for a German IT startup
  • 1+ years support of M&A negotiations for international law firms
  • 1+ years support of multinational international organizations (UN, UNESCO)
  • 2+ years “Referendariat” for the Bavarian Government  


I am a certified attorney in Germany holding a Ph.D. in environmental law as well as an LL.M. degree (Sorbonne) in European law studies.