About Corinna-Rosa Falkenberg

+++ Curious. High-energy. Authentic. Impact driven. Creative. Analytical. Determined. +++ Loves to work with partners & create network effect. +++

# Currently advising: large corporation in the Mobility sector (incl. smart cities/Mobility 4.0), digital transformation process in the roles of M&A project lead, business developer, and strategic partnership creator.

Prior Experience:
• 11+ years of cross-border M&A experience as project business lead while being a certified lawyer at the same time:
o Supporting digital transformation in various business sectors
o Prior: sustainable energy projects in solar, gas, water
o Project execution in Russia, Algeria, Morocco, Italy, Denmark, Spain, others
• 2+ years co-fund management for a private investment fund with US assets
• 2+ years investment banking for an international bank with focus on Eastern Europe

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